28 Mar. 2024

The Galenos Crowd Project

What is it and how can you get involved?


This exciting new project provides members of the public with the opportunity to be involved with current research in anxiety, depression, and psychosis. GALENOS Crowd members will support the GALENOS project and the development of new living systematic reviews by helping decide which of the existing data should be included in GALENOS reviews.

The Cochrane Crowd platform will be used to recruit crowd members and train and conduct crowd activities; these will include the screening titles and abstracts of records that the team extracts to assess if these papers meet the inclusion criteria for the living systematic review they are assigned to. This initiative will also include assessing the quality of work done by Crowd members and gradually including members in more complex tasks such as full-text screening and data extraction. This will be determined depending on the accuracy of the members’ prior tasks.

All recruitment and training materials created by the GALENOS team will be publicly available as well as papers reviewing the efficacy of including Crowd members in screening and integrating machine learning to support the living systematic reviews.

This collaboration with the public and the GALENOS teams will allow us to facilitate sustainable practices in updating the GALENOS systematic reviews. This effort will also allow for the rapid screening of studies prior to the team synthesizing data for each review.

We hope that this initiative will provide meaningful opportunities for the wider research community to become involved in evidence synthesis research and provide the public with the ability to contribute through citizen science.