16 May. 2024

Welcoming the New Chair and Vice-Chair of GLEAB

We are delighted to welcome a brand new Chair and Vice Chair of the GLEAB.


A vital element of the GALENOS project is that co-production is embedded throughout. Experts by experience use their unique perspectives to ensure that the project is focusing on the right topics, asking the right questions and prioritising what is most important for the people who will be impacted the most by the project’s outcomes.

The Global Experiential Advisory Board, or GLEAB, help to prioritise the systematic reviews that GALENOS is undertaking and ensuring that the findings are shared in an accessible way.

We are delighted to welcome a brand new Chair and Vice Chair of the GLEAB.

Tatenda (Tate) Kambeu is the new Chair, assuming the role from the retiring Chair David Gilbert. Tate is an advocacy officer for the Ndinewe Foundation, a youth organisation in Zimbabwe.

“My appointment as Chair of the GLEAB is an exciting opportunity for me because I believe, with the help of all the amazing GLEAB members, this position will allow me to strategically contribute towards impactful change in mental health research. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to collaborate with people of varied expertise which will diversify my knowledge and add value not only to the project but to my immediate community as well.” - Tatenda Kambeu

Supporting Tate in her new role is Richardson Mojica as the Vice Chair. Richardson is an Associate Professor at St. Dominic College of Asia in the Philippines.

"This role is special to me because, having been diagnosed with depression for 15 years, I can share my lived experiences with experts and other people with lived experiences from other countries to contribute to the body of knowledge that will be used to improve the lives of people like me who have mental illness.” - Richardson Mojica

You can read more about all members of the GLEAB here.